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    Favourite classical music.

    Beethoven, Mozart. When talking about classical you can never avoid these two names. Hands down.
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    Good clean rappers?

    Check out Witt Lowry. Thank me later :)
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    Is jazz really for the boring people?

    WHAT?!! BORING PEOPLE? Boy where did you learn that from? People just hate Jazz because they do not know just how heavily applied Jazz is in the music industry. Without Jazz do you think we'd have hiphop and R&B now? People think Jazz is for old people or for couples romancing, but nah. Jazz is...
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    A7X (Avenged Seven Fold)

    That's one of their best songs, it's no surprise your neighbors adore you for your taste :P But you should check out their song, So Far Away. That's my fav.
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    Music streaming?

    I use a modded version of Spotify. No ads, anytime streaming.
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    2010 - 2014 were the best years of R&B

    Here are some examples. 2010: Kanye released an album called My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Eminem released his first album post-Relapse, Recovery; 2011: Drake released two songs Take Care and The Throne and Kanye released his song "No Church in The Wild" 2012: Kendrick Lamar released...
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    Jimmy Chamberlain is undderated honestly.

    You have to admit that Jimmy Chamberlain makes playing drums look as effortlessly as possible. Thinking about it, it fascinates me to just know just how much of time and dedication he had spent to learn the drum and to play it with so much passion. People talk about Dave Grohl so highly, I...
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    Listen carefully, you can hear the screams within the silence.

    Listen carefully, you can hear the screams within the silence.
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    Greetings folks!

    Hey guys, My name's Vaul and I'm 22 this year. Just found out about this forum through a friend on another site and I'm hoping to make some good friends on here. I''m not really familiar with drums, in fact I've only touched a drum set once in my life :p I'm more of a guitar player but I do...