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    Music streaming?

    I tend to use the more free streaming services of Pandora and Spotify as they both have computer versions that migrate your account to your phone app for on the go needs.
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    Got to love me some pizza. :) Usually I will get a "meat lovers" on thin crispy dough. If not, I will get the pineapple and ham on thin crispy dough. Reason I get the thin and crispy is because there is less grease than say the pan.
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    Do you smoke?

    I tried it many years ago and it was something that had absolutely no appeal to me. To this day, I still have no desire whatsoever to smoke even though my entire family smokes. I guess I don't have an addictive personality?
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    What anti-virus do you use?

    I use the premium version of MalwareBytes in conjunction with the normal Windows Defender. Using these two softwares, I rarely have any issues as they both work so well with each other. They are also very light on computer resources unlike Norton.
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    I'm into computer gaming. I migrated from an Xbox. I used to be hardcore Xbox gamer only. I then built multiple gaming computers and I have yet to go back. Now, the only thing my Xbox is used for is when my girlfriend uses it to stream Netflix. :P
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    A7X (Avenged Seven Fold)

    I really got into A7X when one of their top hits came out called "Hail to the King". Their intro just really got me pumped and ready for their song. It pulled me in and made me amp up the volume. My neighbors...adore me? What is your favorite song by A7X? Check out Hail to the King below:
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    5 Finger Death Punch

    Anyone enjoy 5 finger death punch? What is your favorite song? I don't always listen to 5 Finger Death Punch, but when I neighbors do too. :D I enjoyed the music video here:
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    Related Theme

    I just wanted to make a suggestion about the theme. I just joined but would like to see a little lighter theme that is more focused on "musical" and "songs" and "instruments" since the forum is geared towards drumming. Having a domain would also be very beneficial to your forum instead of...
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    Hello there, Just joining the forum and figured I'd like to say hello. I've taken percussion lessons in the past and I used to be in the band in High School. It has been many years since I have been in the band, considering I've been out of school for 9 years.