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    Bands with animal names

    Actually I came here thinking about both The Scorpions and The Eagles. Classic rock bands I used to listen from my parents collection, and even today I really enjoy their unique sound. As for why they have those names, I am pretty much clueless!!
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    How many live performances have you witnessed?

    Sol da Caparica festival is just a few months away, and even if I was not considering going, I realized I'll be at the location at that time, so most likely I will be seeing it again. One of my favorite bands is there (Xutos), so it will be hard to miss.
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    Have you inherited any musical instrument?

    Yeah, and living in a flat is also not the best motivation to play, as it makes a lot of noise and the neighbours complain. I suppose that if I live in the country or a house I could simple go to the garage or the basement and do my scene there with the inherited instruments. Nothing like...
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    Enya is one of those artist that produced a sound not often seen, it's a unique voice. Funny enough, just this week I was seeing the deaf woman (sadly can't recall the name) on America's Got Talent (or was it UK?) and she had a really similar voice to Enya!
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    Tennis lovers?

    Haha, so funny enough right now it's on the Roland Garros semis and Wawrinka is just playing Murray. I hope Wawrinka wins! I was injured, returned to action 2-3 weeks ago, and this weekend I am doing my first match, I am really looking forward to it. How did you start practising? Joined a club?
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    Do you love old music?

    In my country we have a radio station that only passed music from the 90s and before, and I really love it, as I listen to all the songs from my childhood. My kids don't like it that much, and they always guess when I have it on, they already recognize that different sonority. :)
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    Classical music on the radio

    Well, we have tons of different radios in Portugal and in Lisbon, and we have one radio specific for classic music, called Antena 2. We have another one called M80 that only gives music from the 80's and the 90's, so it's actually pretty pleasant to listen to those parts of my past. :) It just...
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    What is your favorite Rock band?

    When talking about rock I feel like a fish in the water, and seeing all the bands you guys are mentioning here makes me feel even better! :) AC/DC and Linkin Park are certainly at the top, but when I hear about Rammstein @JennyorAlice I associate that far more with metal than rock. Nothing like...
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    Buying New Or Used, And Does It Make A Difference?

    You conclude your post precisely with the key words @pwarbi, if we are just getting started, nothing like buying second hand, as we not only save a lot of money, but also can get good quality gear. Sure, we have no warranties, but if we look closely we can see if there is some damage. Nothing...
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    How Much To Spend On Your First Kit?

    Making an investment in a drum kit is no joke, so I am guessing that anyone before doing it has collected a lot of information from the school where they are learning or the people they know from the musical scene. According to how deep our pockets are, and to how far we want to get in music...
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    Have you inherited any musical instrument?

    No modesty right there @ptahm22, so you are a talented guitar player? Do you play in a band or just occasionally? To be honest, that is something I do envy, I wish someone would have taught me, but at the same time it's never too late. For me the main issue is that I simply have too many things...
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    How many live performances have you witnessed?

    It's impacting summing it up in one word. I've seen Edita Gruberova singing some Arias in Tokyo, accompanied by the orchestra, and let me tell you it's a memorable experience in all senses. Not only she is a top performer, one of the best in the world, but we also have a side show the infinite...
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    Have you inherited any musical instrument?

    I haven't inherited any musical instrument, and I am sad because of it, as I love music. There were no musical or sports traditions in my family, which is sad, as those are the best things in life for me. I am guessing if my parents played any instrument, they would have made me study or learn...
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    Tennis lovers?

    I am in pain right now, as I am watching on and off Federer vs Nadal Australian open. The 5th set is about to being, and I am afraid Federer might lose it. :confused: I hope the next time I return here he has conquered his 18th Grand Slam! Any tennis fans here?
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    How many live performances have you witnessed?

    Interesting that when talk about live performances I mostly think about concerts that are not classic, but I've attended a bunch of classical concerts. Why don't you see those live concerts @JennyorAlice? I had the chance to watch them for free, but it has helped to grow in me the taste for...