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  1. Jason

    Illegal Downloading

    No, not really - cause music downloads aren't much to buy - as compared to say premium forum software - which BTW is also wrong to download illegally.
  2. Jason

    Symphony vs Trap Set

    A symphony would need to read a conductor - so yeah, it's quite another planet!
  3. Jason


    Yeah, definitely, property insurance is a good move for drummers - or any other musician with expensive/mildly expensive stuff. Anyway, unfortunately, I just haven't gotten around to buy it - but my set and amp did cost nearly $500.
  4. Jason

    Fl Studio

    No, I haven't tried it. How does it compare to similar software? I mean, I've heard of Garage Band.
  5. Jason

    Bad experience buying equipment

    I don't really regret the Pearls I got. However, I didn't shop around enough.
  6. Jason

    Suggestions, Bugs and other issues

    I'm working on getting some real drummers on here - but it will take some time. Well, basically, I need more promotion and reputation.
  7. Jason

    Watching Drummers in Youtube

    I like jazz videos from Conor Guilfoyle, John X. They're an inspiration.
  8. Jason


    For sure - if you have an acoustic set - the heads need to be tuned.
  9. Jason

    Picking the beat by Ear?

    Beats don't seem that tough (minus certain double-bass ones). However drum solos are another thing. I mean, jazz solos often need some analyzing.
  10. Jason


    Eminem was the first white rapper to be taken seriously. I don't think Vanilla Ice had the same fame.
  11. Jason

    Using the electronic drum

    You can use headphones.
  12. Jason

    Do You Ever Close Your Eyes When Playing?

    Not that I know of.
  13. Jason

    When did you know you had the talent?

    Well, hmm. that seems a bit premature! :oops: I mean I don't always trust IQ tests etc..
  14. Jason

    Cheap guitars and other instruments on sale

    Well, if the guy's still coming out ahead - he's making a profit.
  15. Jason

    Drumming needs talent

    Drawing seems impossible for me and surely it's about not trying enough.
  16. Jason

    Music Magazines

    Too politically biased. Magazines that claim to represent all musicians should be balanced (Have never seen it!) or a-political. Well, Rolling Stone seems half-political (half of it about politics) - but how does that relate to music (in proportion)?
  17. Jason


    Marching and concert band - mostly auxiliary percussion (bass drum in senior year marching band). Definitely a lot of cutting up where I was - and also in college.
  18. Jason

    What internet browser are you using?

    I tend to use Chromium the most. Why? No special reason.
  19. Jason

    Using the electronic drum

    These could be useful for apartments. I mean, even if you're good - people hate the noise. Oh, did I mention electronic drums are an awesome toy - right along with guitar fuzz-boxes?
  20. Jason

    What video games do you all enjoy?

    What's the best you've done on the game?