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  1. to7update

    Tennis lovers?

    I am in pain right now, as I am watching on and off Federer vs Nadal Australian open. The 5th set is about to being, and I am afraid Federer might lose it. :confused: I hope the next time I return here he has conquered his 18th Grand Slam! Any tennis fans here?
  2. to7update

    Classical music on the radio

    In my country, we only have one station that plays classical music, and to be honest it feels great to hit that button and to listen to a totally different sound. I understand classical music is far from being popular, even so, just one radio station seems too little. Do you have classical radio...
  3. to7update


    Not many music styles have the same drum rhythm as metal, as just this weekend I came across the latest Metallica album and I loved it, the sound of the past in all it's splendor... Anyone knows this last album? What about metal in general?
  4. to7update

    Drums in an orchestra

    Drums are a powerful instrument and some orchestras don't use them or don't use them often. What's your opinion, is the drum always adequate for the orchestra or is it an instrument more adequate for other kinds of music?
  5. to7update

    Suggestions, Bugs and other issues

    I am seeing an empty category at the forum and I am not really sure what's it for, so maybe a description of what's expected to write under that category might be helpful? Also, where are we suppose to write our suggestions or bug reports? Thanks!
  6. to7update

    Trump will be the new president!

    I guess not many were seeing this coming right? Wrong, over half American voters were seeing this coming. Now what, what do you think it's going to happen? Many changes or will it remain the same?