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  1. 22_22

    Worst band or band member you've experienced?

    No names! But let's discuss some of your worst experiences as a musician, with other musicians! Maybe it is a band member causing trouble or you found yourself in a band you could not stay in much longer. Tell us your stories.
  2. 22_22

    Battery saving?

    How good is your phone battery these days? Have you got a good one for your phone or is it wearing away these days? I have a Samsung a5 2017 that I have had for a while now and I am still impressed at the battery. What methods do you have for preserving your battery?
  3. 22_22

    2000s R&B

    Mariah Carey, Destinys Child, Akon, Beyonce, Ne-Yo and more... What a year it was for the genre of R&B. It was never a genre that was my first choice of listening but I always loved listening to Ne-yo and Akon. They were special artists that I have listened to more of in my adult years. I love...
  4. 22_22


    I imagine being in lockdown without a garden is extremely tough. How did you manage? I move around a lot as I am a student but I never seem to have a meaningful garden. I would love to just relax in my own space without having to share with others, as other people make too much noise or get too...
  5. 22_22

    Mobile apps

    Using applications to help me with my drumming so far has been difficult for me. I thought it would help with my timing but I am just not having any luck yet. I have preferred listening to the track through my headphones to learn. I wonder if I should continue with this as I am comfortable with...
  6. 22_22

    Tv Show

    I had a lot of favourite tv shows as a child, they were mainly proper animated tv-shows such as fireman sam and bob the builder. This was long before they were ruined in the modern era with CGI though. I do not understand why we can't just have our great tv shows in the past without trying to...
  7. 22_22

    Favorite song from the 60s

    I must say this is not an era that I am all that familiar with as I prefer music from the 70s onwards. That being said, as an English man I am very familiar with The Beatles and The Kinks. These are two bands I really enjoy and I would say 'Hey Jude' by The Beatles is my favourite song from the...
  8. 22_22

    Social media purge

    I really agree with what you have said. Social media does have its benefits but I feel that sometimes it can be 'too useful' and we end up spending far too much time on it than is necessary. I am very guilty of this by scrolling needlessly through Facebook and Instagram timelines when I have...
  9. 22_22


    Hey there, I am 22 years old and from England! I love music of most kinds and I have even tried my hand a little at learning the drums. I quickly learnt that the guitar was not for me and picked up my first drum sticks earlier this year during the quarantine. I am struggling a lot but I enjoy...