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  1. Corzhens

    What genre is the most popular now?

    Aside from rap, what genre of music is most popular now? I don't know if I'm out of touch with modern music but I think rock and R&B are still there. With country and reggae, I don't think there are new songs at present. What about live songs? I hear them on radio all the time.
  2. Corzhens

    New classical music

    Have you heard of a new classical music? Is there a band that plays their original classical music? I am just wondering because when we say classical, it denotes old age so why don't composers write new classical music? I know of a local composer who writes new serenade songs in the genre of the...
  3. Corzhens

    Orchestra in grade school

    There is a program for grade school to have their own orchestra. But public schools are having a hard time to cope because of budgetary problems. The instruments are not cheap and they have to hire a band master. I have seen one band in a rural town. Those grade school pupils with the band...
  4. Corzhens

    Can the Beatles be considered a rock group?

    The title of this discussion was asked by a radio listener. The DJ replied that the Beatles actually fall under the genre of rock and roll although they have some songs that can pass off as rock. Now this makes me think - what is the difference between rock against rock and roll? Pardon me for...
  5. Corzhens

    Electronic drums

    Is the electronic drum getting popular? How would it fare with the traditional drums? We have a neighbor who has an electronic drum that their daughter is using for practice. Maybe she wants to be a drummer. It's just unfortunate that the volume of the drum was too loud that our neighbors would...
  6. Corzhens

    Ella Fitzgeral is the queen of jazz

    When speaking of jazz in the olden days, it cannot be denied that Ella Fitzgerald will be mentioned. Some To Watch Over Me is a long time hit and the danceable Cheek To Cheek is the favorite in the ballroom events. And for the oldies, who couldn’t remember The Lady Is A Tramp? Truly, the queen...
  7. Corzhens

    Rihanna - the most influential pop star

    Rihanna is named the most influential pop star. I remember a few years back when Rihanna’s Umbrella made waves. There was this singer named Miss Ganda who came up with a local version. The title is the Tagalog term for umbrella which is Payong. It was a hit for sometime although there was no...
  8. Corzhens

    Janet Jackson and her R&B songs

    The first was I Think of You followed by Let’s Wait Awhile. Janet Jackson was way below the popularity of her brother but she had her own way when it comes to music. I think she had several hit albums but Rhythm Nation was her anthem, so to speak. If only Janet had focused on her singing career...
  9. Corzhens

    Black Eyed Peas

    The original members are,, Taboo, and Fergie which relish good rap songs that made the group popular. In our country, it is who is the favorite simply because he is American-Filipino with his maternal roots in the province of Pampanga. When came home for a...
  10. Corzhens

    Tomtom Drums

    I chanced upon on tv the other night an old movie of Tarzan. There was the tomtom drums of the natives that is a way of communication. The rhythm of the drums have a meaning. Based on what I know, the use of the tomtom drums for communications is not fiction. That means in the olden times the...
  11. Corzhens

    Dolly Parton is the symbol of country

    The female symbol of country music, that’s Dolly Parton with the ubiquitous big breasts and white skin. I have seen many of her performances on tv shows but I have never seen her in a movie yet. It was on one live show on tv where she sang Help Me Make It Throught The Night. It was a duet but I...
  12. Corzhens

    Why is Bob Marley very popular?

    I am wondering why Bob Marley seems to be the symbol of reggae. He had lived a short life but I understand that he had left a legacy for the reggae music.I have heard many times his version of I Shot The Sherrif which is the original of Eric Clapton. That song is another reminiscing of my...
  13. Corzhens

    Jazz guitarist Earl Klugh

    If I remember correctly, Earl Klugh was very popular in the later 1970s. Jazz had also a part in that golden decade of music. One song that I remember is I Heard It Through The Grapevine which is kinda mellow although still jazzy. Another song is Brazilian Stomp which has an ethnic flavor. My...
  14. Corzhens

    The street musician of Jakarta

    We just came back from a short vacation in Jakarta, Indonesia. While roaming the city, we chanced upon the street musicians, a guy with a guitar and another with a beat box. The place is Kota Tua, a cultural spot with museums and historical displays. Although we did not understand the song, we...
  15. Corzhens

    Favorite song from the 1970s

    I was in grade school when the golden decade of music was in its heyday – 1970s. So many bands became popular, so many singers became famous and so many songs hit the chart and stayed there for a time. Now this big question – what is your favorite song in the 1970s? Maybe I will settle for the...
  16. Corzhens

    Child musicians called Badjaos

    They are ordinary children coming from the south of the Philippines. Some say that they are evacuees because life is hard in their province so they migrated to Manila even without any means. What they do is to be street musicians with the ubiquitous improvised drum that is a cylinder from a...
  17. Corzhens

    Street musicians

    Have you recently seen a street musician? They are mostly beggars who are seated on the pavement, playing the guitar. The street musicians here have evolved from the simple guitar, they now have the electric guitar and the amplifier with mic for their singing. What’s cute in them is their...
  18. Corzhens

    Linkin Park is the best modern rock band

    This is not my survey but an opinion of one entertainment writer that Linkin Park is the best modern rock band in this era. Maybe it is connected to the death of Chester Bennington, the vocalist of Linkin Park. But my own take on the band is that it is really popular among the younger generation.
  19. Corzhens

    Concert of the oldies

    In the pic is the finale of the concert that I last attended. A high school classmate performed, she was on the rightmost. It’s a revival concert for the popular singers in the 1970s. I am not much for concert but I have to admit that I enjoyed the songs mainly because I know the singers from...
  20. Corzhens

    Led Zeppelin is the most popular band?

    I have made a little survey among my friends about rock bands and it came out to be Led Zeppelin as the most popular. But to be frank about it, Stairway To Heaven is what made the band popular and that song is the only song of the band that I know. And to think that my friends are in grade...