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  1. Jason

    What is your proudest or happiest gaming moment?

    Beating challenging sections of Mario Adventure Games, Mario Kart, Banjokazooie, or Donkey Kong.
  2. Jason


    I live way too isolated to use public transport. Well, technically, I can in the new small town I'm in - but it's not as tempting as say in New York City.
  3. Jason

    Melda MDrummer

    Sounds highly interesting. Well, to write drum music, Musescore, a totally free app, has been "good enough" but it's awesome to perhaps find something at the top.
  4. Jason

    Social media purge

    Living with my new wife pretty much takes away social media time - and just computer time, in general.
  5. Jason


    No garden now, but worked on gardens as a kid.
  6. Jason

    Warming up routine

    No warming up routine, just fiddling around. Anyway, I would like to get more into "planned practice" - as I want to perfect new stuff.
  7. Jason

    When did you know you had the talent?

    I stumbled unto percussion when really wanting to play the xylophone. The band teacher starts all xylophone people on percussion, but I didn't know that. Anyway, I liked drums and caught on to it. I suppose, but can't remember, that I didn't pursue the xylophone.
  8. Jason

    Drum books or DVDs?

    When I started I used drum books with audio CDs. However, this was before the internet (late early 90s). Anyway, it was all I needed.
  9. Jason

    Is the Piano a Percussion or a Stringed Instrument?

    I'd say it's neither, honestly. It should have it's own category. :)
  10. Jason


    A professional setup could cost as much as a decent house with decent land.
  11. Jason

    Playing with a set that isn't yours

    Other people's stuff isn't a big deal. Well, most stuff is set-up similar - and what's different can be easily learned. An exception could be double-bass drums (or a double bass pedal on a regular set). If someone can't play the genre - then they'd be caught off-guard.
  12. Jason

    Who is your favorite drummer? Any style

    There are too many to name.
  13. Jason

    Buying second hand

    If the instrument is massively expensive, I'm more likely to consider 2nd hand.
  14. Jason

    Does Coronavirus scare you?

    Not really. I'm more scared for elderly people in my family.
  15. Jason

    Illegal Downloading

    No, not really - cause music downloads aren't much to buy - as compared to say premium forum software - which BTW is also wrong to download illegally.
  16. Jason

    Symphony vs Trap Set

    A symphony would need to read a conductor - so yeah, it's quite another planet!
  17. Jason


    Yeah, definitely, property insurance is a good move for drummers - or any other musician with expensive/mildly expensive stuff. Anyway, unfortunately, I just haven't gotten around to buy it - but my set and amp did cost nearly $500.
  18. Jason

    Fl Studio

    No, I haven't tried it. How does it compare to similar software? I mean, I've heard of Garage Band.
  19. Jason

    Bad experience buying equipment

    I don't really regret the Pearls I got. However, I didn't shop around enough.
  20. Jason

    Suggestions, Bugs and other issues

    I'm working on getting some real drummers on here - but it will take some time. Well, basically, I need more promotion and reputation.