Mar 22, 2019
I can speak fluently Two: English and Spanish.

I was born and raised in Mexico, near the border with the US. So Spanish is my native tongue, and while we're on this topic. I've had people telling me they think we should call it "Mexican" because it is different from Spain, but it is not like that. It is more a region thing, just like the US and UK people both speak English, Mexico and Spain both use Spanish, even if some things are different.

My English is a mess. For starters even though I started learning English since my age had just one digit, I still have a marked accent. I grew up learning the American way but I have been living in Australia for almost a decade. Australia English is descending from British English, so I have had clashes with some expressions and the way I pronounce things like "tomato".

I picked a few words in German and Cantonese because of my job and place I was renting during the past years, but never enough to even feel comfortable saying I can communicate in them. I probably know just as much, if not less than whatever Japanese I have been able to pick from watching Anime, hahah.