What instruments should not be used for classical music?


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I have heard of people using children's toys to play classical music and while it's cute I think a lot of the composers would roll over in their graves if they heard it! For me personally the mood isn't the same and it isn't as soothing because some of the toys can squeak or clank a little out of place.

Are there any instruments you think should not be used for classical music? Or do you think it's anything goes as long as it's played well? Could you see yourself playing classical music using an instrument or any other device that maybe it's meant for music?


Mar 22, 2019
When I think of classical music, I think of harmony and elegance. So I can see how some toy noises could sound a little bit out of the water for me.

On the other hand, I think that music is a beautiful thing when we don't keep it in a box. People mixing genres and tearing down expectations is what has given birth to so many new genres and sub-genres, so maybe classical music can do with some shakedowns that can bring it back in the spot like and maybe we can get some fresh sounds and new directions with it.