My friend in a jazz band


Jun 29, 2019
This reminds me of a friend who played bongo drums in a jazz band. He usually talks not about his trade but about his band mates in their personal aspects. Like their guitarist who was a popular name in the jazz scene, he said that the guy is so amiable and friendly with the audience. He also had some rumors to share about other musicians. I miss my friend who passed away years ago.


Mar 22, 2019
Sorry to hear about their passing, sounds like a nice person and it is neat he shared some of their memories with you, it is a way to live on. I bet being in a band they must have had many interesting stories.

I think it is really cool to know someone that was in a band. I met two people that had their bands but they weren't about Jazz. I like bongo drums. Years ago I was considering them as an alternative to being able to jam with my friend back in the days we used to live with another musical friend and they would jam often. Haha.