Playing with a set that isn't yours


Mar 22, 2019
Something that stopped me from picking up the guitar again after I came to Australia was that I left my guitar in Mexico. Even though my friend and roommate was kind enough to say I could borrow his I never felt comfortable to pick it up, and because he already had like 4 guitars in the room I didn't think to buy an extra one was a good idea at the time of sharing space, haha.

I am just too nervous about damaging other people's property and yet I am afraid to commit to a big expense because I haven't fiddled with something enough to know for sure I like it enough to commit. Haha.

that said guitars are easier to pick up, I was wondering if different drum setups could really catch someone off-guard and make them uncomfortable playing a set that isn't theirs.

So, how about you?
How comfortable and how easy do you find yourself playing something that doesn't belong to you?