R&B dying


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The late 90's and the early 2000's was a good period for R&B music. I always grew up listening to Mariah Carey, Natasha Bedingfield and the likes. However, I feel that it is slowly dying. We have not had great tunes of late. Other genres are slowly taking over.


In classy restaurants and music bars, R&B is still alive and kicking. We have a family friend whose son is a keyboardist of a band that plays in a music bar. Their specialty is R&B because they say it is the kind of music that is neutral – I don’t know what he meant by that. I’m not a music lover and I don’t even pretend to know music genres. But I can say that I know R&B because that’s what they usually play when we go out on Friday nights. Even if there are no new R&B hits, it wouldn’t matter because people are now fond of revivals and hitbacks.

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Just as with hip hop, I don't think R&B is as popular today as it once was in the 90's and early 00's. I grew up listening to Destiny's Child, Mya, Ashanti, Ciara, and older joints by Aliyah. There really aren't any new artists out there today that really fit that mold.


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I really don't think R&B is dying, there are just some hit and miss songs. Though good R&B music seems to be getting a bit more rare nowadays, the main focus seems to be rap in this day and age. But yeah, the 1990's and the early and 2000's seems to be the high point in R&B.


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Unfortunately I have to agree that R&B is being dying for the general public and for the big places, but as @Corzhens said: in classy restaurants and music bars this musical genre continues at full throttle and is a great place for great musicians to show off their talents.

I still believe that R&B will still be seen the way it should be.


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I think that R&B would soon get back on the people's ears. The music hits are like fashion that it is a cycle. There would be times that this kind of genre would take over and sometimes not. I do tend to listen to different kind of music nowaday from classical to hiphop, from 90's to 20's songs.


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R&B has been my all time favourite genre of music. I don't know, but It can give me a good feeling when I listen to it. Maybe it isn't as popular as before, I don't think it will fade away. For me, as long that Mariah Carey, Monica and likes are their. R&B will not be gone.


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Its really not a dying a rnb necause many people love rnb phillipines is love rnb
I don't think R&B is dying. There are still singers out there that uses the R&B style. Like for example in the US, Justin Bieber, he's very appealing to hear while singing. And in the Philippines the R&B artists that I admire are Kyla, Jay-R, and Michael Pangilinan. I think genres just come and go, whatever the reason it is I would still love to listen to different music.


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Well, I dont think R&B will die. They may not be the trend today, but that doesn't mean they are being forgotten. A lot of R&B singers are the legend of music industry and for sure their music will always remain ang kickin!


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Non-sense songs produced by just famous artist. Songs that no meanings sucks.


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Yes,I will agree with you that R/B is gradually dying because I'm a sucker for R/B music but what we have now is mostly hip hop which might be sang in a rather slow motion but not outrightly rhythm and blues.I just hope in near futures some musicians will come up to revive it.


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I agree to a certain extent with these new artists who are portraying themselves as RnB artists aren't really following the trend over the years but rather developing a new sound to RnB which then steers it away from the genre overall.