Why is Bob Marley very popular?


I am wondering why Bob Marley seems to be the symbol of reggae. He had lived a short life but I understand that he had left a legacy for the reggae music.I have heard many times his version of I Shot The Sherrif which is the original of Eric Clapton. That song is another reminiscing of my childhood. I have to admit that I love the version of Eric Clapton but I was amused upon hearing the version of Bob Marley. Truly a reggae with the instruments and the beat with the lilting voices, I understand the trademark that made reggae music popular.


Senseless Blogger
Bob Marley is popular because he fought for peace, love and unity in a time where there was little to none. But instead of fighting with his fists, he did it with his music. His music united people that probably wouldn't have been united under any other circumstances. I think he's popular now because people still hear the love in his music. He was a brilliant man and a lyrical genius.